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I'm Joanne Ilaqua.

a.k.a MamaSoup

I’ve spent about 20 years serving women as a nurse, doula and Lamaze educator. I also have 4 kids so I know first-hand how lonely and isolating it can be to be a mama. That’s why I created Mamasoup.

Most days you can find me working away in my home office (without a bra on), bopping out to Hip Hop (which I’m WAY to old to listen to, btw- but I just can’t quit it!) and searching my teenagers’ rooms for all the plates and bowls.

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labour and delivery

Take Mama's Sex Quiz

As part of a new series, “Let’s Dish,” we’ll be sharing interactive quizzes related to a number of mom topics that will give you a bit of ‘virtual girl talk’ by revealing answers of other moms once you've completed the quiz yourself.

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labour and delivery

5 Commonly Missed Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Don't miss out on this incredible information on pelvic floor health from Jessica Dalliday of Pilates on Demand (POD), along with FREE video access, a printable to help fix the dysfunction and a fabulous deal to get you started on POD!

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labour and delivery

5 Things First Time Moms Wished They'd Known Before Giving Birth

If you’re pregnant with your first baby, this information is for you, Mama! This post is full of information and helpful (& FREE!) printables to help prepare you for the incredible birth of your baby!

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breastfeeding newborns

How to Succeed at Breastfeeding in the First 48 Hours

Breastfeeding is something every mom should have the best chance at - and the foundation of a great breastfeeding journey stars in the first 48 hours of baby's life. This post has incredibly detailed instructional printables that will help you succeed at breastfeeding!

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Helpful Husband: Birth Tips for First-Time Fathers

If you've got a partner who's also going to be supporting you during childbirth as a first-time father, he'll want to see these birth tips and free downloadable resources for dads.

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Plan a Gentle C Section Using our Free Birth Plan Template

A gentle c section is when the birth team works with the birthing family to create a cesarean birth experience that feels as though it's happening in a birthing room. Our free gentle c section birth plan template can help you plan for a positive planned cesarean.

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What's a C Section?

What's a C Section and what should you expect immediately before and after?

Birth and operating room nurse, doula and Lamaze teacher who's had two babies by cesarean explains it in here!

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What Every Pregnant Person Needs to Know About Caesarean Section

One of the things I hear most from postpartum patients is, "I wish I'd learned more about having a caesarean section."

In this blog you'll learn the difference between a C-section and vaginal birth, the history of caesarean, rates and reasons more people are having them, how to avoid a caesarean and risks and benefits of both vaginal birth and C-section.

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I Need to Have a C-Section: What do I Need to Know?

As a labour and delivery nurse and doula, I'm here to tell you that it's not only birth, but it's the hardest way to have a baby.

As a woman who's had two cesearean, I can confirm that I understand the anxiety and worry you're feeling about your planned c-section.

So, I created a completely free info-series to help you feel more in control of your birth experience.

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The Best Free Customized Birth Plans

After years and years of working with women just like you, I innovated and came up with the perfect solution to your birth plan blues.

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Location-based Mobile App Mamasoup Helps Moms Connect to Their Community to Reduce the Emotional Impact of Social Distancing

March 26, 2020 PETERBOROUGH, ON - Joanne Ilaqua, the founder of Mamasoup, an app that is a support network for mothers, is working hard to provide online information and tools for women feeling the impact of social distancing.

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Pushing For Your Natural Childbirth: 6 Common Birth Interventions to Avoid

If you’ve been longing to have a drug-free birth, this information is for you, Mama. But fair warning: this isn’t about natural childbirth the Bradley way because I’m all about that Lamaze life. And contrary to what a lot of people think, Lamaze is about a lot more than just breathing!

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Mamasoup is A Blog for Moms at ALL Stages

As a nurse, doula and Lamaze educator I like to think I know a few things about moms. But as a woman who has been doing this mom-gig for almost 28 years, I've gained some on-the-job experience and wisdom that nobody could ever learn from books.

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Wondering How Mamasoup Works?

A video tutorial of how the Mamasoup app for moms works. It's a new level of mom-tastic!

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The #1 Way to Remove Mom-Guilt is a Profile on the Mamasoup App

Recently, I asked my Instagram followers to tell me what they were struggling with at their stage in motherhood. Let me tell ya, Mom-Guilt was the NUMBER ONE. In fact, it was so resounding, that I created a conversation on Mamasoup about it, using one mama's own words. (Hop over to check it out and join the chat!)

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