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As part of a new series, “Let’s Dish,” we’ll be sharing interactive quizzes related to a number of mom topics that will give you a bit of ‘virtual girl talk’ by revealing answers of other moms once you've completed the quiz yourself. This is the first quiz of this series. All answers are anonymous and just for fun!


Do you ever take a walk at night, just so you can look through the windows of your neighbours’ houses to see what their homes look like, what light fixtures they have, or even what they’re having for dinner that night?

Because I sure as hell do!

And what better way is there to see if your home life is ‘typical’, than to take a peek into the lives of others. That's why I’m starting this new series of quizzes that will give moms a way to answer anonymously and get real-time answers about topics that other mamas are dishing about - just like a virtual girl-talk session!

Which brings me to the first topic:
Let's talk about sex, ba-bee!

I mean… this is MamaSoup, afterall. And we all started our motherhood journey by getting down and dirty at least once! So it’s something that we all relate to, but isn’t necessarily something that we openly talk about regularly. (Well, except for me, of course - just ask the checkout lady at my grocery store!)

I wanted to start with sex as our first topic, because we all know that as moms, there’s no hard-and-fast rule as to what constitutes a healthy (or typical) sex life for parents. Having children changes so much about how you feel about both your partner and yourself, which can impact sexy-time in so many different ways.

Because while some couples get-it-on regularly, that’s certainly not the case for everyone. Especially thanks to so many external factors (work, kids, family obligations, hormones, new Netflix shows, how much laundry you don’t want to fold) that contribute to the normal ebb and flow of a couple’s sexual appetite

So go ahead! Take the completely anonymous quiz and see what other moms are saying about their sex lives. And remember - there's no right or wrong answer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun and take a peek in those windows every once in a while!

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