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5 Things First-Time Moms Wished They’d Known Before Giving Birth

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I'm Joanne Ilaqua.

a.k.a MamaSoup

I’ve spent about 20 years serving women as a nurse, doula and Lamaze educator. I also have 4 kids so I know first-hand how lonely and isolating it can be to be a mama. That’s why I created Mamasoup.

Most days you can find me working away in my home office (without a bra on), bopping out to Hip Hop (which I’m WAY to old to listen to, btw- but I just can’t quit it!) and searching my teenagers’ rooms for all the plates and bowls.

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7 Effective Ways a Partner Can Support a Mom While She's Raising Kids

If the first 6 weeks postpartum are like a short sprint in the race of raising a family, then the first few years are a marathon. And while it’s true that you've probably recovered from childbirth by the time your baby is a toddler, there’s a good chance that you’re still going to need emotional and physical support while you’re doing the hardest job on the planet: raising little humans.

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The One Thing a Mom Can Do to Make Raising a Teenager Easier

Did you know there’s a group for moms of teenagers on the Mamasoup app? Join the conversation now and start finding the support that we all need doing this most difficult stage of parenting- the stage where we have to let go and trust that we’ve done our job well.

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I Don't Always Love Being a Mom (And You Don't Have to Either!)

The faster we accept that motherhood doesn’t have to feel like one big dance through the daisy-field, the better. Let’s all acknowledge that even if you’re a mom who did fertility treatments, even if you navigated the adoption process for years, even if you didn’t think you’d ever become pregnant- you don’t have to feel a constant flow of positivity about motherhood.

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Suffering Through School Holidays

Christmas vacation is about to start over here, Mamas! This is a special time of the year to stand in solidarity with other moms. We are all going to do our best over the next couple of weeks to hold it all together.

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An Interview With a NICU Mom: What She Wants You to Know

As a nurse, I know how hard it is to have a baby who doesn't get to go home with you. But as a mama, I can't fathom the challenges these new moms are facing.

I interviewed a former NICU mama about her experience and insights, and here's what she had to say...

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What if my Baby is Born With a Disability?

In my career as a labour and delivery/postpartum nurse, I’ve seen a lot of babies born and they aren’t quite what their parents were expecting. With all of the testing available during pregnancy, you may wonder how an unknown birth defect or disability can even happen. But that is one of the mysteries of creating life.

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Have You Ever Felt the Crushing Pressure of Providing Your Kids a Christmas?

It may seem like an insignificant thing to some people- supporting a mom and her kids during a highly marketed season. You may think, Why on earth would she put her efforts into Christmas when there are so many other times a mom needs help?

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Sex, Drugs and Alcohol: The 3 Things I've Learned About Talking to My Teens About the Hard Stuff

Raising well-adjusted kids means keeping an open line of communication and unfortunately that’s our job as parents. Those times when you really don’t want to talk because it’s uncomfortable or just plain hard? Those are the times when it matters the most.

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Spoiler Alert: You Don't Have to be a Perfect Mom to be PERFECT For Your Kids

Perfect moms don't exist so stop beating yourself up. You don't need letterboards and the perfect nursery decor to prove yourself to anyone. As long as you let love guide you, you'll be everything your kids ever need.

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Are You Tired of Your Inner Mean Girl?

If you’re struggling to move ahead in any part of your life, you’re not alone! Your inner mean girl is a bully and she can paralyze you from having everything you’ve ever wanted. Over the years, I’ve learned some tricks to quiet that voice of doubt and truly take control of my life.

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How I Became a More Confident Mom

When was the last time you felt confident in yourself? I’m talking ass-kicking, not gonna stop confident? You wouldn’t be alone if you can’t really remember. It’s a lot of work for some women to feel confidence after lending out their bodies for babies and giving up the majority of their time (and sleep) for kids.

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Shut Down Your Thoughts, Change the World With Your Gifts

There is nothing that you can’t accomplish if you set your mind straight to it. The big problem is drowning out all of your thoughts and fears. I can talk myself out of anything. Just last night I talked myself out of washing and moisturizing my face before bed.

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Don't Forget to Celebrate the Men Who Support Women

I was chatting with a man last week, and he was actually shocked at how many women have experienced sexual assault. I guess this is the upside to the #MeToo movement. To be clear, recent studies report that 1 out of every 4 women in North America will experience some sort of sexual assault.

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When Moms Help Moms, I Do a Happy Dance

People often ask me why I would leave my career in nursing to start a company at this stage in my life. Let’s face it- I’m not young. I don’t have an MBA. Who do I think I am anyway, starting a business?  Trust me, I don’t always feel confident and I often feel terrified. But I'm not offended when people ask me because even I think I’m a little bit crazy, to be honest. Maybe the best thing I’ve ever learned from so many years of nursing is a deep, deep compassion for women.

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