New Year Same You Because, Mama, You're Already Amazing

Ok Ladies! Here we are, in the first week of a brand new year. Did you make resolutions this year? I know why people make them- it’s like a fresh page, a new start, so it makes for the perfect opportunity to improve ourselves, right?

To be honest, I see New Year’s Resolutions as (another) way for moms to continue to beat themselves up for not being perfect. It’s actually a really nifty reminder that you didn’t keep your resolutions from last year-so in a way it feels like a failure.

I think I've had a running list of the things that I was going to improve about myself for about ten years.

Here’s how it looked:

This year I’m going to:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Drink less wine
  • Be more patient
  • Find more “Me-Time”
  • Be a sexier wife

Yup. All those years, all those goals; and all those ways to feel guilty and disappointed in myself.  (But to be fair- drinking wine does technically make me more patient and a sexier wife, and where does a mom actually find “Me-Time”? )

Well, you know what? I’m done with all that. From this new year forward, I will celebrate my successes over the past year, rather than focus on my failures:

  • I kept my kids alive for another year
  • I had a lot of fun times while drinking that wine
  • Starting a business and launching an app has taught me INCREDIBLE patience
  • I’m just as amazing at all of this as I was last year.

It’s not hard to make your own list. In fact, I hope you burn all of the “changes” you want to make going ahead and embrace all of the incredible things you’ve accomplished over the last year. You’re a mama, so I know you’ve done things that mean the world to someone.

My husband often tells me to “Celebrate your successes!” and I always that thought sounded a little too corporate for me to embrace. But when you think about it, if we celebrate our successes at the end of every day we would probably go to bed realizing that we’re actually killing it at this mom-thing! Even if your success was just putting on clean socks or getting to work on time or not yelling when your tween talked back at you today. It’s all success.

New Year Same You Because Mama, You're Already Amazing.



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