Your Body is Not Broken, Mama.

A caesarean.

I had to let it sink in for a bit, and when it finally did all I felt was scared. And disappointed: in my body and in the birth that I wasn’t going to have. I felt sorry for myself for awhile, then angry. Sometimes it seemed like all I was focusing on for the last 2 months of my pregnancy was my upcoming surgery and the pain that I would experience after.

I don’t mean to sound like a baby; I’m just being honest.

I’d already had two unmedicated, vaginal births. Two hours after my second baby was born, I was having a shower. I knew vaginal birth was challenging, but I knew that I could do it. I knew that once it was over I’d have a beautiful baby breastfeeding in my arms, exhausted from using the squat bar to push my baby out.

But a caesarean?

So, of course I did what most pregnant women do in the same boat- I scoured the internet and polled my friends for the lowdown. You know what I found out? Two things: the internet is FULL of information to convince moms not to have a caesarean and my friends were waaay too happy to share horror stories of their own experiences.

 Does any of this sound familiar, Mama?

Fast forward a few years and I’m a nurse, working in labour and delivery/postpartum. By now, I’ve had 2 caesareans, 2 difficult recoveries and 2 cases of postpartum depression. Working with other women who were going through the process of a caesarean birth really opened my eyes to something:

I wasn’t alone.

So many other women were feeling the same feelings of fear, excitement, anxiety, disappointment and sadness about their caesareans too. And I could totally understand and empathize with their struggles right before and after their births. I knew that they needed extra reassurance in the OR, that they needed extra support with breastfeeding and especially with caring for their newborns while caring for themselves.

So, I created an online course. Just for those moms. And just for the mom that I was all those years ago: a mom who needed the support and gentle information to feel ok about my birth.

If any of this reasonates with you, I’d like to offer you a free module from my course. Just click here:

Your Body Isn't Broken: How to Accept Your Caesarean Birth.

If you've already had a caesarean and you're looking for support from other moms, download the Mamasoup app and introduce yourself:


All the best, Mama. You're not alone.


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