13 Ways to Make Mom-Friends While You're Still Pregnant

Hey Mama! Good friends are hard to come by when you’re pregnant, especially if none of your current friends are having kids yet. Between careers and family and growing a human, you may not feel very motivated to get out and meet new people.

But it’s important. It’s hard to explain to you exactly how important it is because until you become a mama, you don’t realize how lonely it can actually be. A mom friend can listen when you’re having a tough day, sympathize when you tell her how tired you are and even encourage you to get out of the house when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

Maybe you're pregnant and moved to a new neighbourhood? It's hard to meet other moms but it's not impossible. So, here are my off-the-wall ideas for you to meet new moms today!


Attend community play-groups 

I used to go to one in the bottom of a church. It was cheap- like $2 to use- it had coffee, it was a reason to leave the house and there were other moms there. One suggestion: if you're going to attend these groups while you're still pregnant: wash, wash, wash your hands so you don't pick up viruses!!


Go to the busiest playground in town on a sunny afternoon

If the busiest playground isn't in your neighbourhood, branch out! The playground is full of other moms who are looking for human contact.


Take a pregnancy class in yoga or pilates

Meet other pregnant moms and stretch your body- double bonus!


Join a stroller walking group

Even though you don't have a baby or maybe not even a stroller yet, ask to join a walking group while you're still pregnant. You'll meet lots of new moms who are just a little ahead of you in the mom process. Great for hand-me-down's!


Use an app like Mamasoup

I'm not just suggesting this because I own Mamasoup. I'm telling you because it works. Pop your location in your profile and find other mamas in the same town as you. If you move, all you have to do is change your location to tap into a new mom-network.


Pop into a doctor’s office and look for mom support groups on their community board


Ask the receptionist if you don’t see anything- that receptionist has her eyes and ears on the community, trust me!


Visit your local health unit or hospital to take a free childbirth class

Even if you've already taken a class, take another free one to meet new moms!


Visit your local midwives’ office and ask if they do any mom’s information events or free seminars

Attend them and you'll find other pregnant moms there, too!


Visit baby boutiques to see if they run events for moms

A lot of baby boutiques run special events for moms like babywearing seminars or "meet a doula" events.


Take a breastfeeding class

Even if you're not looking for mom friends- take a breastfeeding class!


Mom to Mom Events

These are popping up more and more often. They tend to be busy so you may not have the opportunity to really talk to other moms, but it's worth a try!


The children’s section at Chapters Indigo.

Have you ever been there? Moms are taking their kids to Chapters to sip a Starbucks and let their kids look at books. These are moms who are looking for any reason to leave the house and drink coffee. I know this from personal experience!


The play area at your mall.

Those moms are putting in time before naptime. They bring their kids to the play area to get out of the house and let their kids burn off energy. Those moms need you to talk to them. I also have personal experience with the play area.


So there you have it! With a little creativity and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you can meet some amazing new mom-friends. And let's face it- motherhood is all about creativity and stepping out of your comfort zone, so why not get some practice while you're still pregnant?

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