How to Use the 3 Phases of Pushing Your Baby Out Vaginally to Avoid Tearing and Episiotomy


If you ask most women their biggest fear about giving birth, it's usually about tearing something 'down there'.


But just because you're pushing another human being out of your hoo-haw, it doesn't mean that you have to expect stitches after childbirth.


childbirth nurse, doula and Lamaze educator gives video tutorial about how to use the three phases of pushing during birth to avoid stitches and episiotomy.



Check out this 4-minute video tutorial on how you can use the three phases of pushing to work together with your baby and avoid episiotomy and tearing!

It's short and sweet but to the point. Because no woman wants to deal with a painful recovery that includes stitches after the most incredible day of her life. evidence-based tips to give birth without tearing or episiotomy

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