8 Steps to Latching Your Baby at the Breast: a Free Downloadable Guide

Breastfeeding in the first days is a unique experience and doesn't necessarily decide how your entire nursing journey is going to go.


Getting the best start possible will set you up for:

- less pain and nipple trauma

- a well established milk supply

- more confidence in yourself as a new mom

- more likely to continue breastfeeding

So here's the thing: breastfeeding is much more complicated than just sticking a nipple in your baby's mouth. Your nipple has to actually hit a spot in the top and back of the roof of the baby's mouth before the sucking relex will be stimulated. The baby's lips have to be placed so the nerve under your lower areola is also stimulated to start producing milk. Am I losing you with all of this technical stuff? I don't blame you! Nobody notices this "behind the scenes" stuff when you see images of women flawlessly latching their babies.


So girlfriend, I'm hooking you up with some really awesome free information:


Eight Steps to Latching Your Baby at the Breast


How to Express Your  Breastmilk: a Quickguide


All you have to do is click the link to download it- it's completey FREE!

So latch on, Mama! Save your nipples and your breastfeeding journey by starting out right. This is something you'll never regret!


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