22 Unique Ways to Make Mom-Friends While You're Pregnant to Build Your Postpartum Village of Support

Good mom-friends are hard to come by when you’re pregnant, especially if none of your besties are having kids yet. Look, I know how weird it can feel to make new friends as a grown-ass woman. It's almost like dating! You're constantly questioning yourself: Am I texting too much or too little? Wondering if she says no to a date, is it because she hates you? (FYI Probably not- she's got kids, so.)

Between a career and family responsibilities and growing a human, you may not feel very motivated to get out and meet new people.

But it’s important. It’s hard to explain to you exactly how important it is because until you become a mama, you don’t realize how lonely it can actually be. A mom friend can listen when you’re having a tough day, sympathize when you tell her how tired you are and even encourage you to get out of the house when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

So don't be afraid to reach out and make your circle of support bigger while you're still pregnant! You're going to need all the help you can get:


-    Attend community play-groups (I used to go to one in the bottom of a church).

-     Search for places in your town like Play Cafe in Peterborough, Ontario that run classes for moms.

-    Sit on a bench in the busiest playground in town on a sunny afternoon (Bonus if there’s a splash pad on a hot day!).

-    Take a pregnancy class in yoga, pilates or meditation. Not a lot of chatting during the class, but like-minded women getting together means an amazing coffee visit after!

-    Join a stroller walking group- check Facebook for one near you.


-    Switch to a gym that has a daycare centre in it!

-    Pop into a doctor’s office and look for mom support groups on their community board; ask the receptionist if you don’t see anything.

-    Go to your local Farmer’s Market and chat up some of the local vendors.

-    If you’re working, ask everyone you meet where the moms hang out in town.

-    Volunteer your time at a local charity to meet people.

-    Use an app like Mamasoup to find local moms in your area- you can change your location if you move to a new city and tap into new mom communitites!

-    Visit your local health unit or hospital to take a free childbirth class.

-    Visit the local midwives’ office and ask if they do any mom’s information events or free seminars.

-    Ask your hair stylist if they know anyone that you would connect with.

-    Visit baby boutiques to see if and when they run events for moms.

-    Ask your doula if they know anyone looking for a mom-friend.

-    Take a breastfeeding class or join your local La Leche League.

-    Go to a Mom-to-Mom event or a Welcome Wagon show. Yup that's still a thing!



-    The child’s section at Indigo. No joke.

-    The mall. Broaden your search by hanging around the play areas in the mall.

-    Ask the photographer who shoots your maternity photos if they recommend any former clients that you could connect with.

-     Take a childbirth class.


Some of these may feel awkward and stalk-y, but any woman who already has a baby or kids knows how hard it is to find friends who understand. Moms are usually more open to chatting with each other, especially to a pregnant first-time mama!

So get out there and find your village. It's going to make a whole world of difference to you when your newborn comes along.

Hey pregnant mama! Wondering what else you need to know BEFORE your baby comes along? I've got you covered:


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