17 Ways That You Can Have a Better Pregnancy

-  Take an early pregnancy class, in person or online. Connect with other moms and check in with each other every week by phone, email or text.

-  Start using positive birth affirmations early in your pregnancy and repeat them every day.

-   Do yoga/stretching exercises/pilates- it helps to keep your body limber before you have the biggest workout of your life. If you have a caesarean? It will help you get up and moving quicker for a speedy recovery. You know what's cool? I have a coupon for you if you want to try pilates without even leaving your house! Click here for a discounted trial of Pilates on Demand.

-   Take a 20-30 minute walk most days of the week. Exercise while your'e pregnant is good for a lot of reasons. Check out some of them HERE!

-  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink water while you’re pregnant. The fibre and fluid will keep your bowels regular so you don’t develop hemorrhoids. They have a tendency to return after pushing a baby out.

-  Get a body pillow, a wedge, more pillows or a new mattress - You deserve to sleep as well as you possibly can while you’re pregnant. 



-  Try to put your feet up (above hip level) at least once a day to help ease swelling encourage blood flow back to your heart.

-   If you have a family history of varicose veins, or if you feel aching in your lower legs while you’re pregnant, wear some mild compression socks or stockings. They can relieve a lot of your discomfort! 

-  Find a registered massage therapist who is qualified in pregnancy massage. They put you on a table with a hole cut out for your tummy. It feels so good to lay on your stomach!

-  Start using guided relaxation now. Recent studies show that a stressed mom during pregnancy can create long term health problems for the baby. You can find them on Apple Music or Youtube.



-  Ask your doctor about supplementing with Magnesium and Vitamin D- the Magnesium will help reduce leg cramps and both will help you sleep better.

-  Start using apple cider vinegar for heartburn- a tablespoon in a few ounces of water will provide instant relief.

- Download the Mamasoup  app and create a profile- folow some hashtags! It's fun to meet new mom-friends and free on iOS and Android.

-  Do 50 Kegels a day. No more, no less. Here’s why!

-  Find a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

-  Start using the Depression Test between 28-32 weeks pregnancy. Download it HERE for free!

-  Read at least 1 book written by world famous midwife Ina May Gaskin.

Wondering what to expect during your prenatal visits? Download a free guide HERE that outlines the first 30 weeks.

Have you been feeling anxious or depressed during your pregnancy?

You're not alone and there's help for you! Click the link below to download the test that your doctor uses to diagnose and treat you. It doesn't always mean that you have to take medications!

Download the test, fill it out at home and take it to your doctor to chat about it.

Anxiety/Depression Test for Moms

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