Cabbage Leaves Can Help ALL Postpartum Moms

Whether you're having some struggles with early breastfeeding or you've decided that breastfeeding isn't for you, engorgement sucks.

I wish I had known about using cabbage leaves for engorgement years ago. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had NO IDEA how much time, thought and effort I would be putting into finding some relief from rock hard boobs. Engorgement in early breastfeeding is totally normal: it's caused by an irregular feeding schedule, a bad latch or even a late start to that very first breastfeeding session.

It's hard to believe that engorgement in early breastfeeding can be fixed by a head of cabbage.

Yes, that's right. A head of cabbage.

Placing cabbage leaves on your breasts in between feedings, is a great way to treat pain and swelling in the breasts caused by engorgement. And here's the good news: Cabbages are cheap and easy to find at your local grocery store. As a doula, I've been known to stroll the produce section for my clients who've just given birth, because cabbage leaves actually work!

If you're planning to wean your baby to go back to work or if you're uncomfortable in the first week of breastfeeding, using cabbage leaves can be a great way to deal with some of the discomfort. It may sound a bit weird now, but when your baby can't latch at the breast because your breasts are like rocks, you'll take alllll the cabbage.

  1. Buy a head of green cabbage. You'll find it in the veggie section of your local grocery store.

  2. Remove the core and gently peel each leaf away from the center of the head. Try not to tear the leaves!

  3. Wash and dry the leaves.

  4. At this point you can put the leaves directly onto your breasts, or you can put them in the refrigerator to cool. Cool compresses usually relieve swelling better than warm compresses. Just before use, crush the veins in the leaf with a rolling pin (or something similar).

  5. Place several leaves over each breast. Make sure you cover ALL of the engorged tissue, including any swollen tissue under your arms. You can use as many leaves as you need.

  6. Leave the cabbage on until the leaves become wilted (about 20 to 30 minutes). Apply the cabbage leaves every 4-6 hours, until your engorgement and swelling subsides (it usually takes a day or two). If the engorgement is severe, cabbage leaves can be used as often as needed.


Cabbage Leaf Compress Tips:


Do NOT use cabbage leaves if you have a SULFA allergy. Cabbage contains sulfa and may cause skin irritation.

Don't use cabbage leaves on broken skin. (like cracked or bleeding nipples). Place the leaves carefully so they don't touch any already irritated areas or broken skin.

Stop using cabbage leaves immediately if your skin becomes irritated, blistered or open.

Stop using cabbage leaves when your breasts are no longer engorged/swollen.

Continuous cabbage leaf compression is a great treatment for pain and swelling if you decide not to breastfeed. And it's cheap!


So, whether you are starting a long and happy breastfeeding journey, weaning your baby or just aren't that into nursing, cabbage leaves are a great resource for ALL women. Happy shopping, Mama!


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